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Rabbi Moshe Soloveicthik

R. Moshe Ha-Levi Soloveitchik (1879-1941) was a son of the illustrious R. Chaim Soloveitchik of Brisk (1853-1918), founder of the "Brisker" method of Talmud study, and a grandson of R. Yosef Baer, the author of "Beit-Ha-Levi" and head of Volozhin yeshiva. His mother, Rebbitzen Pesia (1880-1967), was the daughter of R. Eliyhu Feinstein. R. Moshe was brought up at Volozhin yeshiva. When he was thirty-one years old (1910), he was appointed as the rabbi of Raseinyai, which he served for three years, then moved to Chislavichi. In 1920 he crossed the border to Poland. and, after a while, went farther, to USA. There he joined Yeshiva University's Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary in 1929. He also became one of the Roshei Yeshiva of RIETS, the smicha program at YU.

R. Moshe's eldest son, R. Yosef Dov is known as the Rav in the YU world. The Rav was the foremost Talmud chacham of the previous generation. Upon coming to the US, he became the Chief Rabbi of Boston. In 1937 he founded the Maimonides School for elementary and high school. Upon the death of his father in 1941, R. Yosef Dov became the Rosh Yeshiva of RIETS, a position he held for over forty years. R. Moshe Soloveitchik's second son, Rav Shmuel Yaakov, became a great physicist. His third son, R. Aharon, was born right before the Communist Revolution in Russia. R. Aharon Soloveitchik went to Yeshiva High School (now known as MTA) and YU. In 1974 he organized Yeshivat Brisk in Chicago, of which he now is the Rosh Yeshiva.