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Rabbi Menachem Krakowsky

R. Menachem Mendel ben Zvi Hirsh Krakowsky (1870-1930) was born in the Lithuanian shtetl of Vilkovishk. He studied Torah and Talmud at Volozhin yeshiva. He started his career when he took the position of rabbi of Timkovichi (Minsk Province). In 1903 he moved to Chislavichi and was its rabbi for 10 years. From 1913 he was rabbi of and Novogrudok and founded there yeshiva. From 1918 till the end of his life R. Menachem served MoZ in Vilna. R. Menachem was the author of "Avodat Ha-Melech" (pioneering research on RaMbaM's sources for his "Sefer Ha-Mada") which he started at the age of 18. He was also the author of "Arzei Ha-Levanon" containing collection of his commentaries on the week portion of Torah and "Ya'ar Ha-Levanon". These commentaries were always accompanied with ethical and moral reproach of younger generation which went separated and estranged from its Jewish tradition.

R. Menachem married a daughter of the famous R. Eliyahu Feinstein, and two his sons, R. Yitzhak Yechiel from Petach Tiqva and R. Dr. Yissachar Ber fom New York published his magna opus "Avodat Ha-Melech"- in 1931 in Vilna.